Life coaching offers you support as you seek to change

• Positive elements of your current reality are brought to light
• Your preferred future is explored
• You and your coach partner through your change process

What is life coaching?
Life coaching addresses a client’s interest in changing some aspect of her/his life situation. Some coaching has a particular focus such as parent coaching which addresses the needs of clients seeking new ways to live well with their children. In addition there are many other life events that nudge people into circumstances that leaves them bewildered. Life coaching supports them as new options are identified, explored and implemented.

Who might benefit from life coaching? 
People who are willing to engage with an open mind and heart to a change process can benefit from life coaching.  This means that past or present roadblocks to change have been resolved to the point that energy and thought can be directed to creating a preferred future.

What are some examples of life coaching topics?

• Making a life style change
• Settling into a new community
• Exploring new directions
• Creating new possibilities within the family

Together we find approaches that best serve you and your unique needs. We explore your dreams for the future and use them to assist you in handling the inevitable challenges of any change process. We find ways to appreciate what’s unfolding and celebrate the little and big successes along the way.