Thoughtful parenting encouraged by:

• Setting aside regular times to talk with your coach
• Sharing insights from one session to the next
• Co-creating steps to take

Family members, friends, and others caring for your children, share their suggestions on how to raise your children.   Books, the internet and other media present information that sounds very authoritative. It isn’t easy to figure out what makes sense for your family and your child.  That’s where parent coaching can help.

What is parent coaching?
Parent coaching helps parents appreciate the role they play and the efforts they make to raise their children.  Each session offers parents time to discover what their parenting is all about and what their dreams are for their children and themselves. Parent coaching supports each parent in designing ways to move toward their dream.  Sometimes the dreams are buried beneath all the clutter of everyday living.  Slowly parents and their coach untangle situations to get to the nub of each parent’s hopes and dreams.  As your coach I cheer you on.  I know your expertise is in knowing your life experience, your situation and your family.  My expertise comes from my own life experience as a parent and grandparent and from my extensive training in working with families.  Together we can find ways to move your life with children forward that are meaningful to you.