The Coaching Process

My training with the Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) has provided me with a unique set of coaching skills based on the sound research work relating to Living Systems Theory and Appreciative Inquiry. The program, designed by Gloria DeGaetano, founder of the PCI, is applicable to all kinds of coaching situations.

How often do the coach and client meet?   
The coach and client work out dates and times.  Each situation is unique. The first three-four sessions are generally scheduled weekly. Subsequent meetings may continue to be weekly or perhaps changed to bi-weekly. There is no set number of sessions.  A common range is 8-12 sessions.

Where do sessions take place?
Most sessions are carried out by phone.  Some coaching may be arranged to take place in a face-to-face setting.

Please contact me for more details about the sequence of sessions.

Fees are discussed at the free introductory session.