Self-care coaching supports a healing process.

• Gain appreciation for unique aspects of your current reality
• Embrace insights about your preferred future
• Have personalized support to guide your process

What is self-care coaching?
Going through a change process is challenging, particularly when it’s health related. It becomes more manageable when a personally designed self-care program is incorporated into the change process. This approach addresses self-care practices that are of long-term benefit.

How is self-care related to healing?  
Self-care coaching helps clients discover more about how to develop and implement their own self-care practices. For example, it can be designed to support a client’s efforts to follow-through on home exercises selected by a health care provider. Together we find approaches that best serve you and your unique needs.  We explore your dreams for the future and use them to assist you in handling the inevitable rough patches, slow pace and unexpected twists and turns of any change process.  Together we find ways to appreciate what’s unfolding and celebrate the little and big successes along the way.

What are some examples of self-care coaching topics?

• Self-care to support follow-through with home exercise programs
• Self-care as part of recuperation from an injury or illness
• Self-care to support compliance with health related instructions
• Self-care as part of journeying through a transition proces