When I embarked on the coaching journey, I hadn’t considered the plan for my life as a person who is a parent, individual, wife, and professional. I was still immersed in baby world.  The coaching experience helped me address much more than I had anticipated, emerging from one year of parenting with a better plan for living as a well-balanced person, who happens to be a parent. 
I have become more confident in my parenting and I have become more appreciative of my child’s age-related limitations, including understanding that he is indeed a baby and setting reasonable expectations in the areas of discipline and guidance.
Coaching also helped me to be more committed to making changes or improvements in a timely manner (i.e. toy storage, meal preparation, pumping). I absorbed suggestions because they came from a credible source and they fit with me. I am not known normally for taking any advice from others but I was able to in this context.

- from a parent of a one-year old


I feel that coaching helped me get a clearer picture of my current responsibilities and how I could be aware of and practice mindfulness and patience in my daily life without anxiety, as the future unfolded.  I grew more aware of my husband’s practice of mindfulness. He is a champion of living in the present and grabbing all he can get from every minute of life. I learned how we “meshed” in those practices. It calls for slowing down the rote and the automatic activities of daily life and listening to my self-talk. I am continuing to exercise this strength today. You (Roni) laughed with me, it helped me not take myself so seriously and lightened the burden of taking care of others, instead allowing more emphasis on self-care.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to practice these gems through personal coaching!

- from a client sorting through a life transition


“… I have benefited enormously from the sessions with you. … By focusing on staying positive vis a vis ourselves as well as the public, all of our energy could be focused on our goal.  We all pulled together, and if anyone dropped the ball momentarily, someone else was there to pick it up -- no questions asked and no recriminations.  … I was so ready for it because of the work with you, Roni. 
Thank you!!!

- from a client seeking to improve family communication